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Frankenstorm 2012
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Thousands of GigaPans have been uploaded.

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Thousands of GigaPans have been uploaded.

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The most exciting GigaPans are great photos as a whole and interesting in their amazing detail. The more people look at your gigapan and the more they explore it, the higher your explore score will be.

Try these tips to maximize your explore score:
  1. Capture fun details for viewers to discover.
  2. Include interesting people and things to find and snapshot.
  3. Make it fun to zoom into and out of, over and over again!

Make it easy to find:
  1. Add tags and snapshots to your GigaPan. This will help your GigaPan to show up in searches more readily.
  2. Include an interesting and accurate description.
  3. Geolocate your GigaPan to ensure that it will appear on the map.
What’s your Explore Score?

This gorgeous GigaPan has one of the highest Explore Scores - 195!
Hanauma Bay
Author: Richard Palmer (Apapane)
Tags: hanauma, oahu, hawaii, beach, fofs, beta
Size: 5.63 gigapixels
Added: May 19, 2008

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