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EPIC Introduction

EPIC Introduction

1.1 What is the GigaPan System?

Capturing stunning gigapixel images is easy with the GigaPan System. It is a complete solution with integrated equipment, software and website. The GigaPan EPIC series works seamlessly with the GigaPan Stitch Software and GigaPan.com to capture, upload and share gigapixel panoramas. Zoom into thousands of stunning panoramas from around the world with the amazing GigaPan Viewer. Join GigaPan.com to view and share with friends, take snapshots and embed panoramas on your own website.

Here is an overview of how easy and fun it is to use the GigaPan System, in 4 simple steps:

1. Pick a Scene
The GigaPan EPIC series automates the panorama-taking process by taking hundreds of images of the selected scene.

2. Click
The GigaPan EPIC automatically operates your camera to take a series of photographs of your scene.

3. Stitch
The Gigapan Stitch software assembles, aligns and blends the individual images into one large panorama. 

4. Share
GigaPan Stitch Software then uploads your panorama to GigaPan.com to share with friends and the GigaPan community. You also have the ability to embed your uploaded panorama onto any website. 

1.2 GigaPan EPIC Parts


1.3 EPIC Special Features

GigaPan EPIC robotic camera mount captures ultra high resolution images with a broad range of compact digital cameras. Small, lightweight and easy-to-use, EPIC is ideal for travel and adventure.

  • Robust and durable, yet compact and lightweight
  • 360 degree panoramic range-of-motion
  • Easy-to-navigate menu with illuminated display
  • Simple camera mount and bubble level allow for quick set-up
  • Removable battery pack. Requires 6 AA batteries (rechargeable NiMH or Lithium recommended)